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All My Books 3.1

Catalog your printed books, ebooks and audio books with ease!
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All My Books™ will load all information from online sources in a matter of seconds. All you have to type to get complete information about a book is to fill one of the fields - book title, author name or ISBN..
all the advantages of the electronic book organizer become available - quick search, grouping and sorting by various fields, automatic calculation of statistical data and others. Read more about the features of the best book inventory software named All My Books™.
Main Features:
-Fast downloading of book related information from internet book databases, including plot synopsis, reviews and book cover
-Ability to store details about authors, editors and translators, including their photo
-Visual appearance of a library using various skins (editable HTML templates are used)
-Large number of standard fields in the book card (author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating and others)

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