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All My Books

It is a program that enables you to track book that you own or have read
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All My Books is a handy tool that lets you organize your books into easy to manage database. It makes cataloging your book collection a really simple and convenient job.
One of the nicest things about this program is the fact that it lets you store a lot of handy additional information for each catalogued book. Besides common information like the title, author or publisher of the book, you can also add and store more specific information such as the ISBN, synopsis and series.

I also like that it can search various online sources for book covers, find the right ones, download these images and use them to make your book catalog looks truly nice. Furthermore, the internal search function lets you scan the book collection for specific items, by title, ISBN and author.

As you can see, this powerful utility comes packed with plenty of handy features. For example, it also provides a cool function to monitor the books that you’ve lent to others. It can even be set to display reminders when they are due back. Last but not least, this feature-rich tool can also export the book databases to common file formats (XLS, TXT, CHM, PDF, etc.) which can be imported and used with other applications. Your book databases can also be protected using password.

Cutting long story short, All My Books is a great solution for cataloging and organizing book collections. It comes with plenty of handy features, it’s easy-to-use and its price is reasonable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Can export the book databases to various formats
  • Can import book covers from external sources


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